Here's what we do best

As a specialized offshore software development company, we design and develop custom applications to effectively meet our customers' needs. Our expert technical team is skilled in various technologies like Microsoft Technologies, Cloud Coumputing and Hosting, Webservices and Micro Programing, Media Encoding and have deep understanding of several domains such as Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Mortgage and Lending, eLearning, Supply Chain Management and eCommerce. We work on the Agile Scrum Development model and deliver high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions that has consistently wowed our clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As a recruitment partner, UDM will provide recruitment solutions customized to the needs of the company, for both permanent and temporary positions. From scouting and screening of potential hires all the way to on boarding of selected candidates, our experienced recruitment team can step in and take care of every function of the process. We help lower your costs and time to hire, and find you quality candidates who best fit your requirement and your existing workforce.


Timely maintenance of business applications is as important as a good design or efficient code, whether it is to rectify errors in the system, incorporate new features, improve performance or adapt to technological advancements. Our experienced service team is fully equipped to help businesses in their maintenance activities, be it corrective or adaptive, with a keen focus on improved efficiency and minimal downtime.

UI Development

We have a creative and highly skilled team that specialises in delivering outstanding user experience, for Web and Mobile apps. Our UX designers help reconcile client goals with user expectations with equal emphasis on intuitive visual layout and functionality, to produce wireframes, which go through extensive user testing and feedback cycles. Our UI designers produce interfaces that are appealing visually while also being functionally consistent and powerful, so that the users have a seamless and pleasant experience using the application.


Businesses are dependant on various applications for almost all crucial functions of their day to day operations. Ensuring these applications perform flawlessly is critical, not just for the smooth running of the operations but also to ensure a great customer experience. Testing for existing and potential areas of breakdowns is therefore of paramount importance. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team uses best in industry testing methods and QA processes to find risk areas before they become threats. We are equipped to handle all kinds of testing processes.

Content Creation & Social Media Management

Whether a company is just starting out or an established leader in its field, the fact is if it isn't on social media, it is losing potential business and a chance at improved brand awareness. Reaching new customers, connecting with existing ones, understanding customer preferences or concerns, addressing grievances before they cause damage to the brand, keeping an eye on competitors, monitoring mentions and trends - all of this and more require an efficiently managed social media presence, and we have a well trained and experienced team dedicated to doing this for our customers.We can handle brand communications. social media marketing, social strategy planning, content creation, email marketing, advertising and marketing automation.

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Value Add Services

Agile Developement Methodology

All our dev work follows Agile - Scrum methodology ensuring quick and continuous delivery of working software, collaborated effort between business and tech experts and a lot of room to adapt to changes in customer requirements, while maintaining highest attention to efficient design and quality checks..

No Shared Resources

We never allocate one developer to more than one project, irrespective of the workload. Our team members will be dedicated to the customer and project they are assigned to at all times.

Customisable Billing

Our customer base ranges from start-ups to MNCs and come from a variety of domains. Their requirements, involvement, and budget are likewise varied. We customise our billing according to the specifics of each customer, so they get the best value for money.

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